If you are employed at Linnaeus University, you are covered by a number of different insurance policies. Here you can read about which insurance policies you are covered by. If you need further information or have any thoughts, you are welcome to contact your HR partner. 

Occupational injury insurance for employees

If you have suffered an occupational injury, you can receive compensation from AFA. You can receive compensation in the event of an accident such as slipping, falling or having been subjected to threats and violence during work. The insurance also applies to accidents while travelling to and from work.

Among other things, you can receive compensation for:

  • loss of income (does not apply to accidents on the way to or from work)
  • costs
  • pain and suffering;
  • persistent inconvenience
  • scar
  • tooth damage

More information can be found on APHA's website.

More information about occupational injuries and how to report:

State business travel insurance

During business trips, employees at Linnaeus University are covered by a business travel insurance. The business travel insurance applies to all business trips that you make on behalf of the authority in Sweden and abroad. The protection applies throughout the absence from the place of business or residence or another place where the business trip begins or ends. In the case of a foreign business trip, the protection also applies during interruptions due to vacation or leave of absence in a place other than the traveler's usual place of business. In order for such a stay to be considered an interruption of the business trip and not a stand-alone activity, the stay in time must not be longer than the time otherwise for the business trip. The stay may also not be longer than 14 days in total. In case of vacation longer than 14 days, a private insurance must be taken out for the entire holiday period. It does not matter whether the holiday period takes place before, during or after the business trip. Insurance coverage also applies in areas where the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against travel.

As an employee, you should bring an insurance certificate with you when traveling abroad. This is so that it is clear that you have a business travel insurance that Linnaeus University has taken out via Kammarkollegiet. The insurance certificate replaces the insurance cards that we previously used. The certificate can also be used when applying for a visa or similar.

Foreign visitors who are covered by the insurance through Linnaeus University are also recommended to have an insurance certificate with them when travelling. 

Insurance certificates are handled by the HR department, contact your HR partner to get the certificate

More information about Insurance Terms and Conditions Business Trip (2020) can be found at Kammarkollegiet. Please read through Good Advice on Business Trip

Falck Global Assistance
If you need emergency assistance abroad, for example if you are admitted to the hospital or need repatriation, you should contact the assistance company Falck Global Assistance.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

Phone: +46 8 587 71749

Occupational Group Life Insurance (TGL)

In your employment, you are covered by the state's occupational group life insurance, which means that your family (spouse, registered partner, cohabiting partner and children) can receive money if you die. The money is paid out as a tax-free lump sum. It is your family who applies for the occupational group life insurance.
More information about the insurance and what it means can be obtained from the Swedish National Pensions Agency by e-mail or phone 060-18 76 00. Read more here: SPV website

URA Insurance

Linnaeus University has taken out a collective insurance policy for employees stationed abroad. The insurance includes, among other things, personal injury protection equivalent to travel insurance. The insurance covers accompanying family that meets the requirements and is enrolled in the URA agreement. The insurance does not contain any property protection, but it is possible to take out a supplementary property insurance. You will receive a certificate of URA insurance when you sign the URA agreement that you receive from the HR department. Contact your HR partner for more information.
More information about URA insurance: Kammarkollegiet

Insurance for foreign visitors

Linnaeus University has taken out a collective insurance policy for foreign citizens who participate in Linnaeus University's activities such as visiting researchers, guest lecturers, opponents, scholarship holders, interns and non-registered employees (including foreign doctoral students with scholarships), which provides some insurance coverage. More information can be found at Kammarkollegiet.

If you need to take out insurance for other groups that participate in Linnaeus University's activities but do not have an employment at Linnaeus University, contact Kammarkollegiet.

If you have any questions, please contact the HR department.