Awards and citations

Zealous and Devoted Service of the Realm

The award for Zealous and Devoted Service of the Realm (NOR - Nit och redlighet i statens tjänst), instituted in 1803, is presented to employees who have served the realm for 30 years, or 25 years if retiring.

Retirement refers to ending one’s employment having reached age for pension or other forms of self-retirement, such as disability retirement, in accordance with state retirement regulations. According to the Swedish Agency for Government Employers, resignation with early pension from 61 years of age in accordance with PA-16 can be equated to retiring.

Persons awarded with NOR can choose between a golden wristwatch, a crystal bowl/glass sculpture from Orrefors Kosta Boda or a gold medal.

If you have any questions concerning the calculation of employment time, to find out if you are entitled to NOR, contact your HR-partner at the Office of Human Resources.