Guests at Linnaeus University

As a general rule, persons who are permanently present at the university must be admitted to education or employed by the university. However, by agreement, persons who are neither admitted nor employed can also stay at the university and participate in its activities. However, no work on behalf of the university or compensation for performance performed may occur, either to the guest directly or to his employer.

Written agreement

The head of department or equivalent should draw up a written agreement with the person(s) who will be staying at the university and participate in its activities. 


Guests may not be granted any form of compensation that can be likened to an employee's benefits or that can be perceived as compensation for work, such as holidays, holiday pay, parental allowance supplement, sick pay, allowances, housing benefits and similar wage benefits.

Work environment responsibility

The employer is responsible for the work environment for everyone in the workplace – even for those who do not have a job. However, it is only for employees that the employer has rehabilitation responsibility. 


All foreign guests at Linnaeus University, as well as their accompanying family, are covered by a collective insurance (Insurance for foreign visitors/ Insurance for foreign visitors) at Kammarkollegiet. It covers, among other things, emergency medical care, emergency dental care, accidents and certain property protection. 

Read more about insurance on Kammarkollegiet's website


Different rules apply to different citizens and depending on the type of visit. It is very important that both the upcoming guest and the responsible manager check the right to be shown in Sweden. It is a criminal offence and a criminal offence not to comply with the rules of the Aliens Act. Keep in mind that it is important to check in good time what applies to the specific situation. You can read more here