Logging in 
In order to log in, start by going to Primula. Enter the same username and password as those you use to log onto your work computer or webmail.

If you are an administrator, you can use the client application for Primula. The client application requires a separate installation on your computer. IT-Support will help you with the installation. Contact your HR-partner to receive a username and password to access the client application.

If you have any questions about the use of Primula, you can contact your HR-partner. If you have any questions regarding logging into Primula, you should, however, primarily turn to IT-Support. 

Monthly switchover  
At the middle of every month, Primula carries out a pay run. You can see the exact dates once you have logged in. In order for your requests for compensation, leave etc. to be paid out with the monthly salary,you need to submit your request prior to the pay-run-date of that month. Your department or unit may have a specific final date set for each month, feel free to ask your local administrator.

Primula’s user group
All employees who are Primula administrators have access to a group in Staff called “Primulas användargrupp” (Primula’s user group). It contains links and files intended as support in the administrative work with Primula. If you are an administrator, you should be added to the group automatically. If this has not happened, please contact your HR-partner.

System management
Primula is managed by the Office of Human Resources and adheres to the current Pm3 management model at Linnaeus University. 

HR Director Marianne Johansson Hellström is the Primula system owner, with HR-Partner Emma Dahlberg serving as management director.

System training is mainly offered as part of the university-wide HR-information meeting which is offered in English and Swedish once a month. You can find the invitation to this event on the webpage with information for new employees. If necessary, your HR-partner can also give you instructions about Primula.

Registration of secondary occupation
Secondary employments are also reported through Primula. Secondary employment has its own case tab, once you have logged into the system.                

Registration of working hours/flexible hours
You can easily sign in and out of work using Primula, as well as make manual adjustments and register flexible hours. You can see information about your weekly working hours, your flexible pot, any absence recorded that also affects your salary, as well as your sign-in history. It is your responsibility to ensure that your time is properly registered and up to date, but your manager does, of course, also have access to your digital record for follow-up purposes.

Registration of travel expenses  
To register domestic or international travel expenses, with our without per diem, use the online-forms in Primula. Depending on the nature of your journey, the forms look different, and you are led through the details you need to provide. The help buttons are there to provide you with information on the different questions, as well as step-by-step instructions.

Domestic travels
The Terms of Agreement state that the right to benefits in accordance with this agreement applies if the travel expenses have been registered within one year of the journey. If special conditions apply, employers can approve compensation even if the travel expenses were submitted later than one year after the travel took place.

The Foreign Travel Agreement states that the traveller should submit a travel bill to the University at the earliest convenience, but no later than three months after the journey’s conclusion.