Staff Disciplinary Board

The Staff Disciplinary Board (SDB) is a governing body within the University, charged with making decisions concerning disciplinary responsibilities (warnings, salary deductions), termination of employment due to personal reasons and dismissals, legal prosecution and suspension.

The Staff Disciplinary Board consists of the Vice-Chancellor as chairman and three members appointed by the University Board. The chairs of the employee associations SACO/S and OFR are also members of the board. 

The University Director is co-opted and the Head of HR-Office is rapporteur. The Staff Disciplinary Committee convenes when necessary.

The Committee has the following composition during the period 01/01/2019 – 31/12/2021.

Vice-Chancellor, Peter Aronsson

Kristiina Heikkilä
Hans Sternudd
Lars Behrenz

Employee representatives
Jan Andersson SACO/S
Lena Ahlberg OFR

Marianne Johansson Hellström

Maria Gruvstad