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Newly employed

Welcome to Linnaeus University!

As a new employee, you are invited to various introductory activities. These include a university-wide information day and an HR-information meeting about your rights and obligations as an employee.

In Employed at Lnu, you can find useful information concerning HR-related issues such as work environment, working hours, vacation, benefits, professional development etc. Under Support and service you will find more practical information that you may find useful during your employment at Lnu.

If you are new to the higher education sector, you may feel the need to learn about the system and what it entails working at a public institution. Even if you have worked within higher education elsewhere and you are familiar with principles and assignments that are typical for our sector, you may still have lots of questions about the policies, procedures and routines that are in place specifically at Linnaeus University. We hope that the introductory activities that we offer, along with a welcoming hand from your managers and colleagues, will support you in getting settled in our environment.

University-wide introduction day

A university-wide introductory day is normally arranged once per semester in English and in Swedish. The aim of this event is to provide knowledge and understanding about the University as an organisation and workplace, as well as to convey a sense of context for your work.

Introduction days, fall semester 2022

In order to avoid a very long day in Zoom, the introductory meeting will be divided into two half-days.

The introduction days will be held on September 19th and 20th, 09.00–12.00.

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Swedish for beginners

Section for higher education, in collaboration with the Department of Swedish, offers two courses for staff that need to learn Swedish: Beginners' Swedish, part 1 & 2 (each 7,5 credits).

Both courses deals with basic spoken and written language use in concrete, everyday situations and personal contexts. The courses start in mid September.

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