Practical information

Keys and passes
As an employee at Linnaeus University, you will need a pass, and in some cases keys. Your pass can be registered for use at all university sites. This card is also used for printing and as a library card.

The Office of Facilities Management and Services is responsible for structure, safety and coordination matters concerning keys and passes. The administrative work is handled by different internal actors at Linnaeus University.

University keys can be ordered via the Office of Facilities Management and Services’ Health and Safety Coordinator. Your immediate manager will fill out the order form or use this link.

You can order a pass yourself through the pass self-service portal. Your pass can be used in all locations where the University has facilities. The pass can also be used with the MFP machines (copy machines) for printing, and also as a library card at the university libraries.

The University’s Health and Safety Coordinators are in charge of matters related to passes and keys. They can be contacted using the email address at the bottom of this page.

Creating your pass
The pass has multiple uses. You can order the pass using the self-service portal once you have been registered in Primula and have received your LNU account.

1. Go to and log in using your LNU account.
2. Click "Order pass" and follow the instructions.
3. The order takes up to three days to process. You can then pick up your card at the Info Centre at the location you selected during the order process. You need to bring a valid ID when picking up your pass.

Guests, trainees and other external persons who do not use Primula cannot order passes themselves. Their orders are placed using the same form as the one used to order keys.

Keys campus Kalmar/Växjö
In order to obtain keys, an order has to be placed. Your immediate manager will fill out an order form (see link above) and email it to It takes three days to process your order. You can pick up your key at the Info Centre where you work (Växjö/Kalmar). Bring a valid ID as you need to identify yourself when picking up your key.

Jörgen Franzén is the coordinator responsible for matters of security as well as keys/passes. You can reach him by emailing

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Staff photography
All employees are offered an opportunity to be photographed in one of our studios. These photos are then used on, for example. For more information and to book a photo session, visit the page for staff photography at the Office of Communications.

Staff pages on
The staff pages on and the Staff portal display information from Linnaeus University’s staff database. Information that the employee has decided to display on their page is also shown. Below are instructions for how to update your page.

Guide for updating our own page
Go to your employee page on
Name: Retrieved from Primula. Contact the Office of Human Resources if you wish to make any changes.
Title: Retrieved from Primula. Sometimes, it is necessary for us to use different titles in Primula and on Contact the Office of Human Resources if you wish to change the title permanently. Contact the Communications Office if the title needs to be changed for its display on
Faculty/department/office: Retrieved from the switch system. Contact the switchboard if you wish to change it.
Email: Retrieved from the account management system. Contact the IT Office if you wish to change it.
Phone number: Retrieved from the switch system. Contact the switchboard if you wish to change it.

Edit text presentation

  • Log in to your staff page in the upper right corner. Log in using your normal LNU login.
  • Click “Edit page” in the upper right corner.
  • If you are a teacher and/or a researcher - check one or two boxes under the photo. The information is important. It is used to improve searches on, create staff lists etc.
  • Register your presentation text by clicking the field under the photo. Fill out the fields relevant to your work. The headings “Teaching”, “Research” and “Assignments” are only visible if they contain text. Remember to write in Swedish.
  • The changes are saved automatically.
  • To publish your text, click the “Publish” button in the lower right corner.
  • Log out by first clicking the small arrow in the middle at the top of the page, and then your username at the far right side.

Edit the English version of the page
You can access the English version of your page by clicking the icon “Switch navigation window” at the very upper left corner. Click Websites and select English.

Profile photo

Once you have been photographed, your image will automatically be displayed on the internet. 
Information about staff photography

Publish more text and images
Researchers and teachers can publish additional text and images on their page. This is done in what is known as blocks. You can create a new block by clicking the link “Create new block”. Contact the Communications Office if you need help.

Add tags
To improve searchability, it is important to provide meta information/tags describing your activities as a researcher and teacher. You can currently specify the following under the tag metadata:

  • keywords of your choosing
  • area of research

You can access the metadata tab by clicking the button “All properties” in the upper left corner of the page (the button is comprised of three dots and three short dashes).

Publications in Diva
The link to your publications in Diva is automatically displayed on your page. If you do not wish for these to be visible, check the option “Hide publications” under your photo.
Your list of publications is retrieved from and edited in Diva. When you register a publication in Diva, you must always enter your user name and department (the department you belong to at the time of publication), research topic and research group, if applicable. The publications will not be displayed on otherwise. If there are multiple authors of the same publication at LNU, the username of every author must be specified.

Do you need help?
Contact the Communications Office by emailing if you want help updating your page.

Telephone service
In order to provide a high level of service and a professional demeanour, our switchboard staff needs your help. Therefore, please include when you are available and not when entering your telephone information. Voicemail is a good alternative if you are unable to answer your phone. Make sure it is updated with the correct information.

For information and instructions, visit the page for telephone services, referrals and voicemails. If you need help, contact our switchboard.

Train journeys between the cities
Work at Linnaeus University takes place in both Kalmar and Växjö. In order to facilitate your work travel, your employer will give you a travel document which is valid for train journeys between the two cities.

You travel document functions as a train ticket from Kalmar to Växjö and vice versa, for travelling in 2nd class without seat reservation with Öresundståg, Krösatåg and SJ Regional trains. The travel document is valid during weekdays and is issued annually (from January-December). The document does not cover bus tickets.

If you need to travel further than the regular route, for example from Kalmar to Malmö, you only need a train ticket for the route between Växjö-Malmö.

You can read more about travel documents for train journeys between Kalmar and Växjö on the related page under Support and service.