Professional development and career paths

The in-service professional development of our employees’ abilities is important for the success of the University’s activities. Professional in-service development refers to a conscious and systematic effort to develop the abilities of individuals and groups to fulfil the organisation’s short and long-term needs.

Linnaeus University’s professional development efforts are linked to the University’s strategy. Planning for professional in-service development should, therefore, be included as an integrated part of the planning activities on all organisational levels.

Your manager is responsible for providing you with the conditions needed for your professional development, so that you can achieve the abilities that your assignments require. In order to systematise and structure professional development efforts, you should have an individual plan which is revised annually as part of the performance appraisal.

You are expected to take personal responsibility and be engaged in promoting you own professional development.

Roles and division of responsibilities
The professional in-service development of teachers and researchers is overseen by the departments/faculties, with the responsibility lying with the   Heads of Department/Deans. Departmental Managers and Heads of Administration are tasked with ensuring that administrative staff reach the  competence level needed to work professionally in each administrative department/office.

The HR Director is responsible for university-wide professional development initiatives related to the work environment. The HR Director is also responsible for activities aiming to develop management and leadership within the university. These activities are coordinated and quality-assured by the Staff Development Section of the Office of HR. The Staff Development Section also handles skills development initiatives on group level.

Higher education teaching & learning is coordinated and quality-assured by the Section for Higher Education Development, an organisational unit within  the University Library. The Section for Higher Education Development is also responsible for the coordination and quality-assurance of general  professional development for all employees.

University-wide professional development initiatives are partly funded through the indirect expenses and partly through internal billing.

For more information about professional in-service development activities, feel free to contact Henrik Evertsson, Section for Higher Education Development or Yael Tågerud, senior development consultant.