gul tråd

Gula tråden – constructive allignment

Constructive Allignment in practice

Gula tråden – Constructive allignment in practice, is a strategic professional development initiative for teachers and examiners who work with the university's curricula. The purpose of the Gula tråden is to improve the quality of syllabi and thereby also create conditions for improved course quality at Linnaeus University with special focus on the expected study results - examination - and teaching content being connected and forming a common theme. Gula tråden is given as a seminar series in three parts. If you can not attend the first meeting, you have to wait until the next round. If you miss meeting two or three, you can catch up next semester

You are welcome to sign up for the spring iteration of Gula tråden below. The three seminars will be held on the following dates:

19/3, kl. 9-12 (Zoom)
11/4, kl. 9-12 (Kalmar)
23/4, kl. 9-12 (Växjö)

Sign up here