Forms of employment

The basic rule of employment is permanent employment, but temporary employment may be made in accordance with:

The Employment Protection Act – LAS
The Higher Education Ordinance – HF
The Appointment Rules – AF

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Temporary employment
Employments are generally permanent with no time limit. Whether an employment is to be permanent or temporary must be determined upon  recruitment. If someone is hired without an agreed time limit, the employment is permanent with no time limit. The “burden of proof” is always on the employer, which is why it is important that the employment decision is made and executed before the employment begins. The employer can never change a permanent employment to a temporary employment.

An employee shall always receive a written certificate of employment along with information about the terms and conditions of the employment. Information should always be presented no later than one month after the employee starts working. If the period of employment is shorter than one month, the employer does not need to present this information.

In cases of temporary employment, the basis for the time limit must be stated in the certificate of employment. In some cases, an employment can be implemented with a time limit pursuant to LAS (Employment Protection Act), AF (Appointment Rules), and for teachers, HF (Higher Education Ordinance). The Swedish Agency for Government Employers has signed key agreements that provide broader opportunities for temporary employment. These agreements can be found under “Related links” below.