Being on stand-by means that you are prepared and available to do work outside your scheduled working hours, should the need arise. Compensation for being on stand-by may be regulated through a local collective agreement for stand-by as outlined below.

Local collective agreement for stand-by (in Swedish)

Compensation for medical expenses
As an employee, you are entitled to compensation for medical care expenses pursuant to the Terms of Agreement. You must apply for compensation within two years from the day of the expense. Thereafter, your right to compensation is forfeited.

One condition for receiving compensation for medical care expenses is that the expense is covered by the high-cost protection. All forms of healthcare are not covered by the high-cost protection and, therefore, you must provide the following documentation in order to receive compensation:
- an excerpt of the digital registration in the high-cost protection card where the cost has been registered, along with the original receipt/invoice documents. This documentation should be submitted to the relevant administrator.

Requesting an excerpt
Nowadays, the high-cost protection cards are no longer printed on paper. Instead, treatments included in the high-cost protection are automatically registered in a so-called electronic free pass.

For those living in Kalmar County
The Region Kalmar County uses a system called “Frisk”. You can request a register excerpt the day after your medical treatment by emailing to Remember to include your personal identity number in the email.

For those living in Kronoberg County
If you live within Region Kronoberg, you can request an excerpt at the checkout counter at the healthcare unit. Alternatively, you can email or call +46 (0)470-58 96 50.  

Compensation for medication
If you need prescription medication, that is legally covered by the national high-cost protection system, Linnaeus University will compensate you for these expenses. To receive compensation, you need to submit the original pharmacy receipt called "prescription specification" (in Swedish: receptspecifikation) to the relevant administrator. Due to confidentiality reasons, many pharmacies have stopped automatically giving out the prescription medication receipt that the employer needs. It is, therefore, important that you ask for these receipts when picking up your medication.

Level of compensation for medical care, dental care and psychological treatment
Expenses for medical care, dental care (oral surgical treatment) and psychological treatment are compensated up to a maximum of SEK 95 per visit. Medical care refers to examinations and treatment provided by individuals authorised to practice medicine in Sweden. Oral surgical treatment refers to dental treatments performed at hospitals or at an  odontological faculty. Psychological treatment refers to treatment that, following a referral by a physician, is provided by a licensed psychiatrist, licensed psychologist or licensed psychotherapist.

Level of compensation for physiotherapy
Expenses for physiotherapy are compensated by the employer by up to a maximum of SEK 55 per visit. Physiotherapy refers to treatment that, following a referral by a physician, is provided by a licensed physiotherapist.

Level of compensation for hospital care
Expenses for hospital care are compensated by the employer by up to a maximum of SEK 70 per day of care.

Level of compensation for medication
he costs for prescription medications that are legally covered by the national high-cost protection is compensated in full by the employer.

Right to compensation during leave
Employees on leave from work with full salary deduction are only entitled to compensation for medical care if the conditions below are met:

  • The first 30 days of the leave.
  • Parental leave where a parental benefit supplement is paid.
  • Sick leave.
  • Leave with temporary parental benefit

The employer may, if specific reasons apply, provide compensation exceeding what is specified above.

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Per-diem compensation for work travel
You are entitled to per-diem compensation if you are travelling as part of your work for Linnaeus University. The trip must be approved by you manager beforehand. Governing rules for compensation can be found in the Terms of Agreement and the Income Tax Act, among other sources.

Enter your travel expenses directly in Primula no later than one year after the trip.

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Other expense compensations
Sometimes you need to make purchases as part of your work at your own expense. To be compensated for these purchases, you need to send the original receipt and receive approval from your manager. This could include, for example, expenses for literature or costs associated with work travel. You should use Primula to register your expenses, but before you submit your files, you need to complete an expense form, which can be downloaded in Primula. Attach the original receipt to the form and send it to your Primula administrator via internal mail.