Salary and reimbursement

On this page you will find information about your salary and compensation for work travel, healthcare benefits, preparedness and other cost reimbursements. If you have any questions to which you do not find the answer here, feel free to contact your HR partner.

Remuneration is a form or reimbursement for a short, temporary assignment of a limited scope for which a monthly salary is not applicable. You need to report you request for remuneration on a fee bill, which you hand-in to your employer at the department or administrative office. There are guidelines and a local agreement regulating the levels of hourly compensation.

Interim period
Below there are two different fee bills of confirmation of temporary employment. The document dated 200601 applies for remuneration for work performed as of June 1, 2020 to August 31st of 2021.The document called 210901 applies for remuneration for work performed as of September 1, 2021 and forward. 

Salary during sick leave
As an employee at the university, you are entitled to salary during sick leave pursuant to the regulations in the Terms of Agreement, Chapter 7 and the Sick Pay Act (1991:1047).

From the eighth day, you need to prove your illness with a medical or dental certificate than you submit to your HR-partner at the Office of Human Resources. Försäkringskassan also needs a copy of your medical certificate and it is your responsibility as an employee to submit it to them. If a medical certificate has not been presented by the eighth day, the employer is not obliged to provide sick pay.

Sick pay (day 1-14) 
For each day that you should have worked but were absent due to illness, sick pay is paid based on working day calculations in relation to the extent of your absence:

- for day 1 (qualifying period), 0 percent sick pay

- day 2 - 14, 80 percent sick pay

From day 15, as an employee, you will receive sick pay from Försäkringskassan, as well as a sickness benefit supplement from the university. The sickness benefit supplement from the employer is paid automatically in proportion to your absence and assumes that Försäkringskassan has granted employee sickness allowance.

The employer is responsible for notifying Försäkringskassan as of day 15, after which the employee can apply for sickness allowance from Försäkringskassan.

For more information about sickness allowance and how to apply for it, visit Försäkringskassan’s website.


Salary policy
A good salary formation is linked to the operational activities and can contribute to successful skills provision for Linnaeus University - a prerequisite for the university operations to succeed in both the short and long term.

Every employee should know how a salary is determined, what can be done to contribute to achieving the University’s goals and how this impacts salaries. Therefore, there is a need to communicate how salaries are determined. Managers in charge of setting salaries are responsible for creating the conditions needed for a recurring dialogue regarding performance in relation to operational activities and goals.


Salary-paying bank
Danske Bank serves as the salary-paying bank for Linnaeus University. Below, you will find information as to how to correctly register your payment information.

In order for your salary to be deposited to your desired account, you need to complete a registration with Danske Bank. Registering your account information does not mean that you become a Danske Bank customer. If you are already a Danske Bank customer, you still need to register your account information.

The easiest way to register is online by using your BankID. If you do not currently have a BankID, it is easy to apply for one from your bank.

If you are unable to use a BankID, you can also register you account information using a paper form. You can request the form by emailing

If you do not register your account information using any of the ways mentioned above, your salary will be paid using a payment card which will be sent to your address. The payment card can be redeemed at a bank or through a proxy. Please note that a fee may apply to redeem a payment card.

Technical support
If you need technical support with your salary service, call Danske Bank, phone +46 (0)752-481850. Danske Bank can be reached Monday – Thursday 08:30-17.00, Friday 08.30-16.45.

Other inquiries
If you have any other questions related to account registration, contact


Salary is paid on the 25th of every month. If the 25th is on a Saturday, the salary will be paid on the previous working day. If the 25th is on a Sunday, the salary will be paid the following working day. Payment is made through Danske Bank, see the section “Salary paying bank” for more information.

Salary specification
You will find the current and previous salary specifications in Primula.

Salary exchange
As a Linnaeus University employee, you have the possibility to make a so-called "exchange" of your salary. Exchanging salary for pension means that you are diverting additional funds to your pension in a simple, individual and beneficial manner. If you utilise a salary exchange, deductions will be made from your gross salary. There is an upper and a lower limit to the size of the amount. The offer is beneficial as the deduction reduces your gross salary, which also reduces the tax rate. Employer fees are also reduced.

More information below (in Swedish).

As a new employee, you need to submit a tax card to your HR-partner. Tax cards can be order from the Swedish Tax Agency’s website. Any request for tax adjustments should be sent to your HR-partner at your earliest convenience. Requests for voluntary additional taxation are made through Primula.

For further information about tax regulations please contact your HR-partner or the Swedish tax agency (Skatteverket).

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