Notice of termination

Termination of temporary employment
When a temporary employment is terminated, the employee shall, under certain conditions, be notified of this at least one month before the employment is set to be terminated. In cases where the employment has lasted for 12 consecutive months, you have the opportunity to claim preferential rights. If you are a member of a union organisation, said organisation shall be notified, and possibly also Trygghetsstiftelsen.

If an employee wishes to terminate their employment, this shall be done in writing to their immediate manager. Use the form below.

Employment period                 Notice
1 year                                     1 month
Longer than 1 year                 2 months

Employment period refers to one or multiple state jobs that you have held in succession. If your manager agrees to it, you may leave your employment with a shorter period of notice.

If you are on leave, your notice period is the same as if you had been at work. If you have been hired through a trial employment, you are legally allowed to end the employment before the end of the trial period.

Request for self-termination

Preferential rights for re-employment
If you, as an employee, have been terminated due to a shortage of work or your temporary employment coming to an end, you have preferential rights for re-employment if you have

  • been employed for more than 12 months in the last three years
  • sufficient qualifications for the new employment
  • requested to be re-employed by notifying the Office of Human Resources of this in writing at any time during the duration of the right of re-employment

When re-employment takes place in the public sector, the right of re-employment does not have the same compulsory character as in the rest of the labour market. 

The public sector is covered by an agreement on readjustment, which applies to situations of dismantling. The agreement applies to employees in the public sector who, for example, are under the threat of termination or have been terminated due to a shortage of work. Individuals who have held a temporary employment can receive a certain degree of assistance. For more information, see the link to the Readjustment agreement at the bottom of this page.

Trygghetsstiftelsen helps people who risk becoming redundant and terminated due to changes and cutbacks in the public sector. They also provide the government authority in the readjustment process. For more information, see the link to the Trygghetsstiftelsen website at the bottom of this page.

Termination by the employer
A permanent employment can only be terminated on the grounds of factors which can be regarded as objective pursuant to the Employment Protection Act. Objective grounds for termination from a permanent employment are a shortage of work and personal reasons.

A shortage of work may occur when, for example, there is a lack of funding or an organisational change takes place that causes tasks to disappear. 

A termination due to personal reasons shall generally be based on an assessment of the employee’s suitability to carry out the work and not on individual cases of misconduct. 

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