Work environment and health

Creating a safe and good work environment is an important task for Linnaeus University. On this page you will find information about work environment and health

Work environment is about the working conditions for all employees and students. The Work Environment Act, along with the provisions by the Work Environment Authority, regulate how our work environment should be designed and cared for. This may, for example, apply to risks, mental and physical stress, hazardous substances or dangerous machinery.

Important regulations regarding preventive measures include those relating to systematic work environment efforts and the Regulation on organisational and social work environment.

Linnaeus University’s Work Environment Policy is the starting point for how the work environment efforts at our university are conducted. The document Work Environment Organisation describes how the occupational safety and health efforts are organized and the Work Environment Handbook describes the University’s procedures for systematic work environment efforts.

In 2019, Linnaeus University conducted an in-depth review of the work environment efforts. This means that the documents and texts in Medarbetare were updated. An important part of the review was to link more closely operational planning and issues related to work environment. Systematic work environment efforts are now part of the operational plan and follow-up, and support materials are continuously developed and improved by the Office of HR in collaboration with the Executive Office.

Your Health
The systematic work environment efforts are an important part of the work to create a pleasant workplace, prevent work-related injuries and increase the preconditions for the employees' good health in a lifelong perspective.

The allowance for wellness activities and the preventive care interventions via the occupational health care service are tools to counteract work-related ill health.

  • Occupational health care service
  • Wellness activities allowance
  • Reimbursement for health care costs and prescription medicine
  • Computer screen glasses