Eye exam and computer glasses

On this page you will find information, eye examinations and computer glasses and help where you can turn if you as an employee feel that you need an eye examination.

If you are employed and work at a computer for more than one hour a day, you are entitled, according to the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health's regulations AFS 1998:5, to an eye test every two years or in the event of a noticeable deterioration in your vision, and to computer glasses if necessary.

As an employee at Linnaeus University, you have the opportunity to do an eye examination and try out and buy computer glasses via the Optometry Programme's shop in Kalmar. Appointments can be booked by phone: 0480- 497007 or optiker@lnu.se.

The same agreement, prices for frames, treatment of lenses apply as in the framework agreement.
If you book an eye examination and order via the Optometry Programme's shop, use the requisition form below.

Students and employees at Linnaeus University receive a 15% discount on glasses and contact lenses (private purchase, not work glasses) in the Optometry Programme's shop.


If you think you need computer glasses and do not go through the optician programme's shop, we have a framework agreement through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency that covers computer glasses and safety glasses. For an eye examination, you as an employee should contact Synsam.

Fill in the requisition form and ask your manager to sign. Book an eye examination at Synsam and bring the requisition with you.

The cost is regulated between Linnaeus University and Synsam, unless you want a more expensive frame or other supplements. The frames included correspond to a value of up to SEK 1150 including VAT (regular price). When choosing more expensive frames, you as an employee pay the difference directly in the store. Please note that computer glasses formally belong to the employer, even if you as an employee have paid part of the cost yourself.

In order to be entitled to an eye test and computer glasses paid for by your employer, you must:

  • Perform your work at a computer for more than an hour a day
  • be employed at Linnaeus University and are covered by the agreement on terms and conditions
  • contact suppliers in accordance with framework agreements

Before the visit

Before the eye test, measure the distance to your work surfaces (screen, desk, etc.) and bring your old glasses so that the optician has all the relevant information to be able to give you the best product.

Also fill in the requisition form, stating the following:

  • Organization number: 202100-6271
  • Invoice reference (your department's or division's reference code)
  • invoice address: Linnaeus University, Box 451, 351 06 Växjö