Linnaeus University wants to promote good health among all employees. The purpose of subsidizing wellness is to increase well-being, create a pleasant workplace, increase attendance, prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders and increase the conditions for health in a lifelong perspective.

At Linnaeus University, tax-free wellness activities are subsidized by up to SEK 3,000 per calendar year and person. In order for the tax exemption to apply, Linnaeus University follows the Swedish Tax Agency's regulations regarding which exercise or wellness activities of a simpler kind can be compensated. Taxable sports activities are not reimbursed.

The wellness offer applies to those who have a permanent employment or a fixed-term employment at Linnaeus University that covers at least 6 months or an employment in periods during a calendar year that together amount to at least 6 months during the calendar year (see example below). In order to receive the full annual subsidy of SEK 3,000 , you must be employed throughout the calendar year. If your employment is continuous for more than 6 months, you will be compensated for the number of months you are employed with SEK 250 per month, the same applies if you have employment in periods during a calendar year that together amount to at least 6 months during the calendar year. Wellness allowance applies during the period of employment and cannot apply retroactively.

Example of calculation of wellness reimbursement:

  • An employee who is employed until further notice from 230801 can receive compensation corresponding to 5 months of the 12 months of the year, i.e. SEK 250 x 5 = SEK 1,250 , in 2023 since the employee is not employed for the entire year in 2023. After that, the employee will receive full wellness compensation from 2024.
  • An employee who is employed continuously  between 230901 and 240430 can receive compensation corresponding to 4 months of the year's 12 months, i.e. SEK 250 x 4 = SEK 1,000 , for each year.
  • If the employee has employment, for example 230101-230331 and 231101-240131, the employee is not entitled to wellness compensation because the employments are not continuous and do not amount to 6 months within the calendar year.

In order to receive full remuneration, the level of employment must be at least 20% of full-time. If the employment rate is less than 20%, you are not covered by the subsidy. If you are on partial leave of absence with a remaining extent corresponding to at least 20% of full-time, you are entitled to a wellness allowance.

In order for a single treatment or activity to be considered of a simpler nature and of minor value, the cost cannot exceed SEK 1,000 per occasion or activity, according to the Swedish Tax Agency's regulations. This means, for example, that a massage treatment that costs more than SEK 1,000 is not covered by tax-free wellness reimbursement and thus is not reimbursed at all

If you are receiving sickness or parental benefit, you are entitled to a wellness allowance during that time.

The wellness offer does not apply to you who are a scholarship holder or arvodist

Activities for which you can receive a wellness allowance
Linnaeus University reimburses wellness activities that are tax-free according to the Swedish Tax Agency's rules. The wellness allowance may be used for simpler exercise and wellness activities such as gym memberships, riding lessons, massage and smoking cessation.

Membership fees, health care, medical care, beauty care, rental or purchase of equipment are not covered by the wellness allowance.

See the list below for more examples of Wellness activities A-Z.

Apply for wellness allowance

You register a case in Primula under Compensation/time off in lieu and select Wellness subv max 3000/year in the drop-down menu Type of remuneration. You attach your receipt/documentation directly to the case under Message/Car. Since the compensation relates to a benefit, it is sufficient that we receive the receipt digitally.

The receipt that you attach to the case must always state your name, price, validity period and activity. If you have direct debit, it must state the amount you paid during the year, a copy of the bank statement and a dated receipt from the wellness company stating the name, price and the training period that refers to. If you have purchased training via an app, it needs to be supported with a receipt and bank statement for the purchase.

The wellness allowance cannot be paid retroactively, only the current year's allowance can be paid against a receipt. In order to take advantage of the wellness allowance, you must have registered and submitted a complete case no later than 5 December of the year to which the wellness activity relates. The same receipt can only be used once during the year in which it is paid. In cases where the payment for the wellness has been made in December of year 1 and it has not been possible to include the compensation in the salary payment in December of year 1, the compensation can be paid in January of year 2. Please note that in these cases, the wellness allowance for year 2 is used, according to the Swedish Tax Agency's regulations. A wellness allowance that is not used in year 1 cannot be carried over to year 2.

Linnaeus University sends out inquiries to various training facilities in Kalmar and Växjö at regular intervals. The training centres mentioned below have some form of discount for employees at Linnaeus University. Ask for this discount when you buy a training card. If your gym is not represented here, you can ask if they want to offer a special discount for employees at Linnaeus University. In this case, ask them to contact the HR department.