Alcohol and drugs

The consumption of alcohol or other drugs is not compatible with work and/or academic studies. In addition, it is stressed that any use of alcohol or non-medicinal drugs outside working hours may not be allowed to affect the safety, efficiency and well-being of the workplace. If problems arise with the use/abuse of alcohol or other non-medicinal drugs, it is important to deal with this promptly and professionally.

Anyone who experiences that a work colleague or student has an alcohol or drug problem is required to inform his/her Head of Department/immediate manager/teacher as soon as feasible. To remain silent out of loyalty can contribute to continued and increasing problems.

The HR Office has support available for managers and employees at the University.

The Student Welfare Office works preventively, proactively and with tangible efforts for the students.

At the bottom of the page you will find the Linnaeus University’s Alcohol and Drug Policy, the Linnaeus students’ AND - Alcohol and Drug Policy, and a document with advice and procedures regarding alcohol and drugs. The website also contains many useful links to lifestyle tests and other relevant information.

Habits and lifestyle choices

A moment of consideration and reflection on one’s own habits and lifestyle choices can be useful – to confirm good patterns or to change some part of one’s lifestyle.

For those of you who have questions or concerns regarding your own use of alcohol or drugs, or that of someone close to you, valuable support is available via the following organisations: