Appraisal dialogue

On this page you will find information about appraisal dialogue

An appraisal dialogue (sometimes also referred to as development discussion or performance review) is a planned and structured discussion between a manager and an employee that should be held regularly, at least once a year.

The purpose of the appraisal/development discussion/performance review is, among other things, to

  • provide an opportunity for dialogue/knowledge concerning the university’s vision and strategy as well as the activities and objectives of the Department/unit;
  • follow up and ensure there is consensus regarding work tasks/responsibilities and results;
  • discuss/plan current and future work tasks and responsibilities;
  • discuss the working environment, leadership and relationships in the workplace;
  • discuss the employee’s need for support and professional development/in-service training.

Information about and a guide for the different parts of the discussion can be found in an attachment below, along with three different templates which can be used to facilitate the implementation of the appraisal. Managers and employees should feel free to use the template they think is easiest to follow.