Eyesight test and computer-screen glasses

On this page you will find information about eye examnination and computer-screen glasses

According to the Regulations of the Swedish National Occupational Safety and Health Board (AFS 1998:5), employees at Linnaeus University who work at a computer more than one hour a day are entitled to have an eyesight test every two years or in the event of noticeably impaired vision, and to computer-screen glasses if it turns out that such are needed.

As an employee at Linnaeus University, you have the opportunity to have an eyesight test and try out and buy computer-screen glasses via the Optometry Programme’s shop in Kalmar. For this, you book a time via: phone: 0480-497007 or optiker@lnu.se.

The same agreement applies, in terms of prices for frames, special treatment of glass, as within the framework agreement.
To book an eyesight test and place an order via the Optometry Programme’s shop, use the requisition form below.

Students and employees at Linnaeus University receive a 15% discount on glasses and contacts lenses (private purchase, not work glasses) in the Optometry Programme’s shop.

If you do not go via the Optometry Programme’s shop, the state has framework agreements that include computer-screen glasses and protective goggles, and when doing the eyesight test, you as an employee are to contact Specsavers Sweden AB.

The agreement includes anti-reflex treatment UCL, scratch resistance protection and frames from Specsavers’ product range up to SEK 395. Any additions, such as more expensive frames or thinner lenses, are to be paid by the employee directly to the shop. Please note that computer-screen  glasses formally belong to the employer, even if the employee paid part of the cost.

If you think you need computer-screen glasses, print out and fill in the requisition form and ask your immediate manager to sign it. Then you can book an appointment at any Specsavers shop and take the requisition with you when you go for your eyesight test. The payment is settled between Linnaeus University and Specsavers, unless you want more expensive frames or other additions.

If you would like to make an appointment for an eyesight test, go to the website www.specsavers.se.

Measure the distance to your work spaces (screen, desk, etc.) and bring your old glasses with you to ensure that the optician obtains all relevant information so that you can receive the most appropriate product.

In order to be entitled to an eyesight test and computer-screen monitor glasses paid for by your employer, you must fulfil all the following prerequisites:

  • work at a computer for more than one hour a day,
  • employed at Linnaeus University and entitled to benefits according to the conditional agreement,
  • contact one of the suppliers according to the framework agreement.

Before your visit to the optician, you will need to print out and fill in a requisition form, indicating the following:

  • organisation registration number: 202100-6271
  • invoice reference (your Faculty, Department, or Institution -or sub-department - reference code)
  • Invoicing address: Linnaeus University, Box 451, 351 06 Växjö