Resting room

At Linnaeus University, you have the possibility to visit one of our prepared resting rooms for temporary rest, in case you are feeling sick or have a headache. Check the list below to see where our resting rooms are located in our facilities and which one is found nearest to you.
Most rooms are located inside areas of limited access and therefore not available for everyone.

Resting rooms in Kalmar

House  Floor  Room                                    Adress

Culmen    1      Cu1004                                 Universitetsplatsen 3
Culmen    7      Cu7038    (office hours)         Universitetsplatsen 3
Forma      3      Fo3061    (office hours)          Landgången 6
Magna     3      Ma305                                  Landgången 4
Radix       2      Ra2167                                 Pedalstråket 11
Stella       3      St3020      (office hours)        Universitetsplatsen 1
Vita         1      Vi1140                                  Norra Kajplan 6

Resting rooms in Växjö

Available during office hours

House  Floor  Room                   Adress

B             3      B3029                  Vejdes plats 6
Epic         2      TH2007                Georg Lückligs väg 1
F              1      H116                    Pelarplatsen 7
F              3      Fe3050                 Pelarplatsen 7
H             0      H0206                   Universitetsplatsen 1
J              1      J1002                   Slottsallén 23
K             2      K2025                   Georg Lückligs väg 4
K             2      K2120                   Georg Lückligs väg 4
K2           3      K3235                   Georg Lückligs väg 8
L             2      L222B                   Trummenvägen 11
M            3      M3083                   Lückligs plats 1
N             2      N2010                   Lückligs plats 3
O             2      O2015                  Georg Lückligs väg 19, Police education 
P             3      P302                     Georg Lückligs väg 19, Police education