Work environment handbook – Systematic work with work environment

On this page you will find information about preventive work environment management called systematic work environment

Systematic work environment efforts refers to the employer's work to investigate, risk assess, implement necessary measures and follow-up the work environment, so as to prevent poor health and accidents at work and instead achieve a good work environment.

The risks that are identified must be included in a documented action plan. The risks may have been identified, for example, in work environment inspections, surveys or employee interviews. The plan is then followed up regularly, at the workplace's joint meetings, and in work environment groups. The plan is revised annually and the risks that have not been addressed at the end of the year are transferred to next year's action plan.

The action plan becomes a tool for follow-up and action regarding the work environment and it is linked to the business plan.

Linnaeus University's work environment policy sets the direction for work environment efforts at our university. In the Work Environment Handbook there are appendices with descriptions, instructions and templates that are based on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations regarding the systematic work environment efforts and the local routines that apply at the university.