The employer may grant you leave for various purposes. Some leaves you are entitled to, others leave are granted by the employer, if it can be done with regard to the business. The leaves to which you are entitled under given circumstances are, for example, leave for studies, certain parental leave, leave for informal care and for urgent family reasons.

Leave must be planned in consultation between employees and managers. You as an employee apply and then register the leave in Primula and your manager decides on the leave. Do not forget to attach supporting documents and/or state reasons in support of your application.

Leave with pay

In some cases, you may be entitled to salary without deduction during the leave. Part of a day off is counted as a full day. Examples of when such leave may be given:

  • in the case of family matters within one's own family or the closest circle of relatives

You may take leave without deduction of wages in the following cases: in the event of a more serious illness where your immediate presence is necessary, for example in the event of an accident of an emergency nature (which could not have been foreseen or planned for); watch at your deathbed; in the event of death, burial, probate or inheritance within your own family or immediate circle of relatives.

Your own family and immediate relatives include:

  • husband, wife, cohabiting partner and registered partner
  • children, grandchildren and stepchildren
  • parents, foster parents, in-laws and grandparents
  • siblings, half-siblings and bonus siblings

Leave for funeral, probate or inheritance also applies to:

  • uncle, aunt, uncle, aunt
  • nephew
  • son-in-law, daughter-in-law
  • brother-in-law, sister-in-law

In the case of leave for probate or inheritance, in addition to kinship, you must also be the owner of the estate.

Consideration must be given to time spent on the matter, but the maximum stated time below:
- More serious cases of illness/vigil at the end of life; 1 or maximum 2 days
- the date of death; 1 day
- First contact with the funeral home; 1 day
-Burial; 1 day
- Urn; 1 day
 -Succession; up to 1 day
-Probate; up to 1 day
- Travel time; max 1 day/route for longer distances. If travel is possible on the weekend, no day is given before or after the weekend. Travel time must be accommodated in the total maximum 10 days.

Leave for family matters without deduction of wages is not intended for grief processing or for taking care of housing.

Consideration must be given to time spent on the matter and any travel that must be made during working hours. In practice, leave is granted one day for the matter and possibly one day for travel time for longer distances.

The leave application made in Primula must contain information about the reason for the application and the relationship to the person concerned as well as whether travel time has been needed.

If you are unsure how you can take paid leave for family matters, contact your payroll specialist.

If you need to take more days off, you can, if the business allows, be granted leave without pay, vacation or withdrawal of any accumulated flexitime. Talk to your manager about what opportunities may exist.

  • when moving, 1 working day (when changing population registration address)
  • in the case of union shop stewardships, maximum 10 working days/year
  • for own exam or examination (which takes place during working hours), maximum five working days / year
  • examination or treatment by a doctor, occupational health care, outpatient care, antenatal clinic and for blood donation.

Leave is given on the condition that the doctor's visit (or equivalent) needs to be made during working hours. In some cases, you may need to talk to your manager if there are sufficient reasons to be free for visits during paid working hours. The basis is that you work before and/or after the doctor's visit (equivalent). If you cannot go to work immediately after you have been to the doctor, due to how you feel, the absence does not refer to paid leave but sick leave. Part-time workers should primarily take their doctor's appointments in their spare time. For example, an employee who is on half-time sick leave and is prescribed physiotherapy does not need to go during working hours, but the visits should normally be able to take place during the free time.

Outpatient care refers to medical care when you are not hospitalized, such as X-ray examination or physiotherapy.

  • in case of emergency visits to the dentist or examination/treatment after referral from a dentist.

Unpaid leave

  • Fixed-term employment with another state employer

If you have a permanent employment at Linnaeus University that has lasted for at least 12 months, you have the right to take a leave of absence from that employment, if you are offered another state-limited employment. However, this is valid for a maximum of two years. The right only applies to full-time leave. For part-time leave or for leave to try other work that is not state-owned, you and your immediate manager must agree. Applications for leave for other work are made in Primula. Attach employment contracts from the new job or equivalent.

  • Studies

You are entitled to leave of absence from your employment for studies. In order to be on leave for studies, you must have been employed six months before the leave or at least twelve months during the last two years before the leave. In order for the leave to be granted, the studies must relate to the dissemination of knowledge that follows a course or study plan. Linnaeus University can postpone your leave of absence for a maximum of six months if there are special reasons for doing so. Applications for leave of absence for studies are made in Primula and must be submitted as early as possible. Attach a letter of acceptance or equivalent.

  • Informal care

You have the right to take a leave of absence from work if you need to care for a seriously ill relative. In these cases, it is the Swedish Social Insurance Agency that decides on related party allowance and pays compensation for this. Before you take a leave of absence from university, you should contact the Swedish Social Insurance Agency to ensure that you are entitled to compensation. The employee is entitled to leave of absence for the time and to the extent that family allowance is received from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Read more on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's website.

You apply for the leave in Primula. Attach the decision from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

  • Other leave

There may be many other occasions where you also wish to be on leave and for these, leave can be granted, however, with a full salary deduction or that you take vacation, use your flex balance or are on compensatory leave.

Examples of reasons for the unpaid leave can be:

  • Funeral of close friend
  • Handling of estate and emptying of the home
  • Relocation of close relatives
  • home visits to close relatives for adaptation of housing, medical team, etc.
  • Accompanying relatives at a doctor's visit

You apply for leave, and state reasons for leave, in Primula.

For more information, contact your manager/head of department or your HR partner at the HR department.