Employees are entitled to vacation in accordance with Swedish Annual Leave Act (SFS 1977:480) and this is regulated by the Terms of Agreement.

The number of days of annual leave you are entitled to vary depending on your age:

Until the year you turn 29 – you are entitled to 28 days
Until the year you turn 30 – you are entitled to 31 days
Until the year you turn 40 – you are entitled to 35 days

Annual leave should be planned well in advance and with consideration to the needs of the University. If you cannot agree on how the annual leave should be structured, the decision falls to the employer, unless stated otherwise in a local agreement. Your wishes must however be taken into account.

For technical and administrative staff working part-time, local collective agreements on quota-calculated leave apply, see appendix below.

If you are entitled to more than 20 days of annual leave with pay, you can save one or multiple excess days. You may however not have more than 30 days of annual leave saved. If you are employed for a full year, you must normally use at least 20 of your days of annual leave with pay.

Transitional provision for saved days of annual leave

According to central agreements, the ability to save days of annual leave has been adjusted, going from 35 to 30 days. Employees who on 1 January 2018 have a maximum of 30 saved days of annual leave will not be able to increase the number of saved days to more than 30. For persons with more than 30 days saved as of 1 January 2018, the excess days may be utilised during a five-year period, lasting until 31 December 2022. The number of saved days of annual leave can never be increased during this period.

Annual leave for teachers and doctoral students

Annual leave for teachers and doctoral students is regulated in the local agreement on working hours for teachers. The taking of annual leave is regulated in Section 8 of the agreement. Annual leave is normally scheduled from the second Monday after the end of a semester, lasting as long as there are days of annual leave available. The dates are determined by each faculty on an annual basis.

Annual leave for doctoral students, research assistants and teaching assistants are presented in the appendix below.