Working hours

Working hours for teachers

Agreement on working hours at Linnaeus University, see appendix below.

Pursuant to decisions made by the Vice-Chancellor, the annual working hours for all teachers are planned per calendar year, see appendix.

A collective agreement regarding inconvenient working hours for teachers and postdocs, see appendix.

Working hours for technical and administrative staff

Agreement on working hours for technical and administrative staff at Linnaeus University, with stand-by agreements as appendices.

The agreement on working hours states that if you participate in training or equivalent, any time spent on this outside regular working hours is not considered time worked. Therefore, your remuneration may only cover 8 hours. For those working part-time, this time will be listed as additional time.

Working hours during work travel

Working hours during business trips are counted as 8 hours per day for full-time employees.

See the Swedish Agency for Government Employers’ working hours policy for the public sector, available in Swedish only

Working hours reductions

According to the Terms of Agreement, Chapter 4, Section 7, the number of regular working hours for technical and administrative staff are reduced on the following days:

  • Twelfth Night: 4 hours
  • Maundy Thursday: 2 hours
  • April 30, if on a Monday-Thursday, 2 hours, or on a Friday, 4 hours
  • The day before All Saints' Day: 4 hours
  • 23 December if on a Friday: 4 hours

In connection with shortened work days

If you go on leave on a day with a reduced number of working hours, this will be considered a full day’s leave. This also applies if you decide to use comp time or flexible hours to take time off, which means that the time is deducted from regular working hours without a reduction in working hours, i.e. eight hours for full-time employment.

Working from a location other than your regular work place must be approved by your manager.

Shortened work days only apply to technical and administrative staff.

Bridge days

A bridge day generates one day off that may be utilised by all technical and administrative staff as time off at any time within the year. It is important to apply for this time off in Primula regardless of whether the time off is taken on a bridge day or at any other time of the year.

Compensation for Swedish National Day

When the National Day, June 6, falls on a Sunday, staff who are employed over National Day are entitled to take another day off during the year. The application for this day off is to be done in Primula.