University-wide projects and development work

We are in constant development. It is a prerequisite for being able to operate in a world of change. Here you will find how it works and some of the development areas, as well as the larger projects and investigations that are ongoing.

Strategic development

The vision gives the picture of Linnaeus University in 2030. Goals 2025 indicate where we should be "halfway into the vision". To achieve this, a number of university-wide development areas have been identified in the action plan. 

The development work takes place in different forms and in different parts of the organisation. vice-chancellor's decisions and assignments from the university director can initiate development work that often has a univeristets-wide character. Also external demands, for example from the government, may call for such work.

Project management - a uniform way of working

Linnaeus University's project model was created to ensure that strategic development projects through common structures and working methods promote quality in planning, implementation and follow-up.

Development projects that are considered strategically important are appointed as portfolio projects by the vice-chancellor or the university director, on the recommendation of the portfolio management. Even if a development project is not a portfolio project, it is recommended to use the process and templates, to the extent that it is applicable and useful for the individual project. This contributes to a uniform way of working when we work in project form at Linnaeus University, thus those who work in project form can recognize approaches and routines.

At the Executive Office, there is help and support available, in questions about how the project model and its various tools can be used. You can read more about the support available on the page Project model and project support.

Ongoing development work

At Linnaeus University, a number of development work is conducted in parallel with the daily operations. Below you will find a list of the university-wide development work decided by the vice-chancellor or the university director. It is development work that affects many of us in the organization and is being conducted right now, sorted by development area.

If you want to know more, contact Gunn Jensen or Ulrika Ehrenstråhle at the Executive Office.

Development work

Education and research 

  • Digital examinations
  • The Future learning spaces project
  • Open science

Organisation and governance

  • NLUs governance and organisation
  • Follow-up of Linnaeus knowledge environment

Staff and economy

  • Coordination of the salery and invoice processes 
  • The recruitment process and visibility as an employer

Working environment

  • Premises needs and work place solutions


  • Concepts for Linnémöten