Analytic modell for learning environment

The Future learning spaces project at Lnu

The main purpose of the project is to contribute to Linnaeus University achieving the goal of giving “students the best conditions to, regardless of starting point, make a successful development journey that makes them equipped to meet societal challenges” (Goal2025). This is done by, within the framework of the project, analyzing all the contexts that support learning in different ways and then ensuring that Linnaeus University offers flexible and appropriate solutions and processes where the university's collective knowledge is utilized.

The first two phases of the project runs during the period of April 2021 – February 2022 and then follows an implementation phase.

Project organisation

Steering group:
Therése Iveby Gardell, university director
Niklas Ammert, pro-vice-chancellor
Jesper Andersson, dean, FTK
Linnaeus Union

Project manager:
Catta Torhell, head librarian

Project secretary:
Christoph Tiedtke, project manager, FEH

Project group:
Linda Reneland-Forsman, section manager Section Higher Education Development
Andreas Ebbelind, senior lecturer Department of Mathematics
Brita Johansson-Cederblad, associate professor, Department of Biology and Environmental Science
Ulrika Bengtsson-Verde, administrative director, FKH
Susanne Larsson, section manager IT-support and service desk (phase 1)
Holger Berndt, section manager IT-support on site (phase 2)

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Project directive

Project presentation at Café Linné 28 maj 2021

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