Elections at Linnaeus University

On this page we gather information on the different elections that are held at the university. In 2024 there will be elections for faculty boards and elections for teacher representatives to the university board.

The process for the election of new members of the Faculty Boards and the University Board starts now

The University Board and the Vice-Chancellor have decided to initiate the processes for appointing new members to the faculty boards and the University Board for the mandate period 1 January 2025-31 December 2027. The elections will be held in September, but work is already underway to form election committees.

Who would you like to nominate for the faculty board election and the university board election?

It is now time to nominate candidates for the faculty board election and the university board election. It has been established who are eligible to be elected, who gets to vote, and who the members of the nomination committees to the faculty boards and the university board are.

If you would like to nominate candidates to the faculty board, contact the nomination committee. Keep in mind that the candidate should be addressed before nominating them. Candidates must have been nominated by September 6.

Below you will find information on what persons are members of the election committees as well as electoral registers for each faculty board.

The election takes place 25-26 September and is carried out anonymously and electronically.

The voting and electoral rolls are now finalised

On 24 April, the Rector decided on the voting and electoral lists for the elections to the Faculty Boards and the University Board. These are now finalised. The next step in the process will be for the Rector to decide on election committees for the elections on 8 May.


Please contact Mattias Bengtsson or Magnus Eriksson at Executive Office if you have questions.