Annual circle of activities

Operational planning and performance monitoring

The foundation for the university's planning and monitoring is Vision 2030. Planning and monitoring follow a process that involves the entire organisation. It includes activities such as performance tracking, the previous year, performance discussions, autumn dialogues, educational dialogues, decisions on the operational plan and financial frameworks, budget submissions to the government, and annual reporting.

Linnaeus University's Vision 2030 forms the basis for the university's planning and performance monitoring. The annual report should be based on the university's vision and strategy and serves as the higher education institution’s reporting in accordance with the Higher Education Act. In addition to the annual report, Linnaeus University's operational plan is an important tool for performance monitoring and planning.

Reporting to the government is carried out in accordance with the Higher Education Act, the regulation (2000:605) on annual reporting and budget information, the regulation (2007:603) on internal governance and control, appropriation letters, and applicable government decisions.

Governing documents

  • The annual report tracks the missions and serves as Linnaeus University's reporting to the government. Additionally, the annual report should provide the University Board and other stakeholders with a concise overview of Linnaeus University's operations. The numerical data within the annual report also forms the basis for Linnaeus University's official statistics.
  • The internal governance and control report, on the other hand, is an internal document used to account for the year's efforts in internal governance and control (IGC) (only in Swedish). The annual report focuses on identified and assessed risks, analysed results, and proposed actions that should be taken and integrated into future planning to ensure that the university achieves its strategic goals as outlined in Linnaeus University's strategic document.

Operational plans, annual reports, and other governing documents related to operational planning and follow-up can be found on the page Governing documents.

Tools for follow-up in Flora

Operational planning and follow-up work is carried out using the analysis and follow-up tool Flora (only in Swedish).

Tools for planning and follow-up, sustainability work, systematic work environment work, as well as risk management, and internal governance and control (only in Swedish).