Quality assurance

Linnaeus University's quality work is characterized by participation, communication, development and systematics. It aims to support and develop the university's education and research activities in accordance with the applicable regulations and the vision of Linnaeus University.

Linnaeus University's quality policy is established by the Vice-chancellor and forms the common foundation for the University's quality work in all areas of activity. The policy describes the university's values and working methods for the systematic quality work based on established goals and processes. The policy also describes how the quality work is linked to the university's vision through the process of operational planning and follow-up.

Linnaeus University’s quality policy, 4 May 2020.

Quality organisation

The University Board and the Vice-chancellor have the overall quality responsibility, while each respective Faculty Boards and the Board of Teacher Education are responsible for the quality-related work and development within education and research.

On behalf of the Vice-chancellor, the Council for Education and Learning and the Research Council coordinates faculty-wide processes.

For more information, see the corresponding page in Swedish, Kvalitetsarbete.