The Quality Assurance Council

The Quality Assurance Council provided support to the Council for Education and Learning up to and including 2023 and worked on behalf of the Council with focus on education at the undergraduate level and advanced level.

The Council's remit

The Quality Assurance Council's overall task was to coordinate the university's work with educational quality.

The Quality Assurance Council's assignment included the following:

  • Follow and develop the university's systematic work with educational quality
  • At the overall / university-wide level, follow, analyse and propose measures based on the results of the three-leaf clover reviews
  • Follow and coordinate the work with the Swedish Higher Education Authority university reviews
  • Conduct external monitoring and disseminate information about quality work
  • Prepare steering and quality documents.

The Council could be contacted on

Composition and Members 

The Quality Assurance Council had the following composition:

  • a chair
  • two student representatives
  • one member from each faculty / NLU

Constantly co-opted

Chair of the Doctoral Programmes Committee

Training leader or equivalent.

Council meetings 

The Council met 3-4 times per semester.