Disciplinary board

The structure and the work of the Disciplinary Board is regulated in The Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100), Chapter 10 Disciplinary Measures.

Board members

Chairman: Vice-Chancellor Peter Aronsson
Chairman (substitute): Deputy Vice-Chancellor Niklas Ammert
Legally qualified qember: Alderman Lars Jeppsson
Legally qualified member (substitute): Alderman Anne Zeift
Teacher representative: Associate professor Åsa Rydell Blom
Teacher representative (substitute): Senior lecturer Manuela Nilsson
Student representatives: Axel Lunden (Linnaeus Union) and Louise Ahlström (Linnaeus Union)


The Disciplinary board has approxemately one meeting per month during ordinary semester periods.

Report to the disciplinary board

According to the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 10, disciplinary measures may be taken towards a student who
1. use prohibited aids or other methods to attempt to deceive during examinations or other forms of assessment of study performance
2. disrupt or obstruct teaching, tests or other activities within the framework of courses and study programmes at the higher education institution
3. disrupt activities in the library of the higher education institution or other separate establishments at the institution, or
4. subject another student or member of the staff of the higher education institution to harassment or sexual harassment of the kind laid down in Section 4 of Chapter 1 of the Discrimination Act (2008:567).

The report is to be filed promptly and as soon as there is a well-founded suspicion of disciplinary offence. A discussion with the head of departmen/direct boss shall precede the filling of the report. The suspicion must be based on an objective ground, the threshold for this in practice, however, is relatively low. The person who is notified about the suspicion may talk to the student in order to try bring clarity to whether the suspicion is well-founded or not – but may not carry out an investigation into the matter.

The report is to be addressed to the Vice-Chancellor. The report is to be sent to the Vice-Chancellor through regular mail. In connection to the reporting of a student, the person who files the report is to inform the student of the fact that there is suspicion towards the student and that a report will be filed, or already has been filed, to the Vice-Chancellor for investigation. It is important to emphasize to the student that when the report is filed there is only a suspicion, and that the student’s studies will continue as normal until the disciplinary board reaches a decision on the matter.

The report is to be made using a special form, which is found below, and should contain all information stated in the checklist. If the report concerns a student who does not speak Swedish, the report is to be written in English.

The university investigates the matter, which, among other things, includes offering the student and other concerned parties the opportunity to give their statements. Normally, the case is brought up for decision at the disciplinary board’s meeting but the Vice-Chancellor also has the possibility to close the case at an earlier point, either closing the case without any further measures or by calling for a warning.

During the investigation, the student is free to carry on with his/her studies as usual.

Note that students at the police education is not handled by the disciplinary board. Disciplinary measures for a student at the police education programme is handled by the Swedish Police authority according to Förordning (2014:1105) om utbildning till polisman.


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