Head of department: Pauline Johansson
Optician assistant: Carina Jonsson
Controller: Louise Jonsson
Primula: Marie-Louise Morton
Contractor invoices: Marie-Louise Morton
Room booking: Berit Andersson
Education administration: Berit Andersson
Internationalisation: Per Lundberg, Ulla Kerren
Student counsellor: Lena-Maria Aronsson
Research officer:  Sofia Jönsson Ekström
Human resources consultant: Ulf Sernelin
IT/ICT: Mattias Johansson
Technicians: Stefan Hagberg
Contact technicians:
Maintenance porter: Calle Söderberg 
Contact maintenance porter:

Contact information for all members of staff at the faculty administration can be found here.

Programme coordinators

e-Health: Lina Nilsson
Optometry: Peter Lewis
Specialist nursing programme in eye care: Peter Gierow