Support and service for the faculty

Below you find contact information for people within different parts of the faculty and the administration.

Management, management support, and faculty office

Heads of faculty and management support
Faculty office - Administrative director - Emma Vestberg

Human resources

Helena Jonsson – KOB, PSY and Faculty office
Stiina Salmgren – BOM and MEO
Madeleine Sjöstedt – HV

Education administration

Berit Andersson – Education administrator MEO (Kalmar)
Helena Andersson – Education administrator PSY (Växjö)
Jenny Jonesjö – Education administrator BOM (Kalmar)
Björn Magnusson – Education administrator KOB (Kalmar)
Mirjam Lingkrans – Education administrator HV (Växjö)
Camilla Karlsson and Kerstin Wahlin – Education administrator HV (Kalmar)

Student counselling

Ingrid Bonnevier – Student counsellor HV, PSY (Växjö)
Martina Holmsten – Student counsellor HV, Biology, Environmental analysis and Health science programme with specialization in bio sciences (Kalmar)
Josefin Almén Olsson – Student counsellor KOB, MEO (Kalmar)


Mikael Andersson – Educational technologist HV, PSY (Växjö)
Mattias Johansson – Educational technologist BOM, MEO, KOB (Kalmar)
Jonas Nilsson – Educational technologist HV, PSY (Kalmar)
Fateme Yazdi – Educational technologist HV, PSY (Växjö)

Contact librarians

Lynn Rudholm – contact librarian HV and PSY (Växjö)
Helena Magnusson – contact librarian BM, KOB and MEO (Kalmar)
Anna Wolke – contact librarian HV and PSY (Kalmar)


Helena Franzén – Financial manager faculty office, purchasing manager, contract handling, contact person travels (Kalmar)
Lotta Westling – Financial manager FHL (Kalmar)
Anna-Lena Johansson – Controller KOB, PSY, faculty financial manager first-cycle education (Kalmar)
Emmelie Jessen – Financial administrator KOB, BOM (Kalmar)
Louise Jonsson – Financial manager MEO, faculty financial manager research (Kalmar)
Jenny Kennemar – Financial manager BOM (Kalmar)
Marie-Louise Morton – Financial administrator faculty office, HV, PSY, MEO (Växjö)
Unnur Sigurdardottir – Financial manager HV (Kalmar)

Communications office

Lisiane Heemann and Ellen Lovén – Management support and systems support (Kalmar/Växjö)
Liv Ravnböl – research communication and events (Kalmar)
Madeleine Ritzmann Stendlert – Student recruitment and student communication (Växjö)


Stefan Hagberg – Technician (Kalmar)
Henrik Hallberg – Technician (Kalmar)
Anders Månsson – Technician (Kalmar)
Leon Norén – Technician (Kalmar)
Contact technicians:

Maintenance porters

Calle Söderberg – Janitor (Kalmar)
Contact maintenance porters:

Room booking

Helena Andersson – PSY (Växjö)
Berit Andersson – BOM, KOB, MEO (Kamar)
Ingela Silverstrand – HV, PSY (Kalmar)
Contact room booking at FHL:

Special functions

Lena Fossdal Finnas – Administrator e-Health Institute (Kalmar)
Lena Hansson – Faculty coordinator/communications officer, support to Palliative centre (Kalmar)
Sandra Hedberg – Faculty coordinator (Kalmar)
Ingela Silverstrand – TimeEdit, room boking HV, PSY, course evaluations HV, PSY (Kalmar)
Terese Uddh Söderberg – Laboratory engineer, contact person for chemicals and lab products, KLARA, security counsellor chemicals, questions concerning waste (Kalmar)