Important phone numbers for personnel at BoM and KoB

In case of an emergency or other problems, here you find phone numbers and links to helpful pages.

In case of emergency/accident:

Ambulance/Fire department/Police/Emergency poisoning: 112

Medical consultancy: 1177

Swedish Poisons Information Centre: 010-456 6700

Laboratory Safety Handbook

In the Laboratory safety handbook you find the phone numbers to Head of FHL, Head of department, safety officers and responsibles. You may also find the rules and routines regarding laboratory work. 

Download here

Incident report (Tillbudsrapport)

In case of an incident or work injuries, an incident report are to be made. An incident is an undesirable event or situation of an organisational, social or physical nature that could lead to health concerns, illness or accident. This could be a course of events where someone could have injured themselves however no one was actually injured.

More about incident reports can be found at this page: Incident report (observe, most links from this page are only visible in the swedish version, talk to your safety officer if you need assistance).

Technical laboratory problems or spillage etc.

Talk to the Technicians or Labservice if assistance is needed.

Technicians FHL


KLARA, Chemical inventory list

KLARA is LNUs Chemical inventory list. You can find risk- and safety information (SDS) about chemical products in the KLARA product database.

Contacts regarding security or building issues, Hus Vita:

Report an error/problem: Easit - Selfservice

Security (daytime):
Lost keycard – Info-center
If locked out – Technicians

Avarn Security (16:00-07:00 and weekends): If locked out, burglary or vandalism: 010 – 210 93 87

Situations requiring external assistance measures (security guard), contact Avarn Security directly via telephone: 010 - 210 93 87

Intea, regarding building issues (daytime):
Jonas Rimsberg: 0722 – 17 90 60
Roger Wahlman: 0702 – 87 45 76

Intea jour (16:00-07:00 and weekends): 020 – 77 85 00