Schedule and booking of rooms

Information to FHL regarding changes in the system for booking classrooms and meeting rooms in Kalmar:

All of our rooms, except those that are specific to a particular department (such as laboratories and KTC) are now owned centrally by the Office of Facilities and Management Services (LOS). When a room is booked through, by using a form or directly via, LOS is the service that handles the booking and allocates rooms.

Booking via FHL’s general email address

These days FHL has a common email address for the booking of schedules and rooms: Ida Årestedt and Ingela Silverstrand are the administrators in charge of checking this address. By using a common email address we can cover for each other and deal with requests even when someone is absent, which means you do not have to try to find someone else who can take care of an urgent request if one of us is absent. Use the common address to send in your scheduling requests for entry in TimeEdit.

Booking in TimeEdit yourself

You can also book meeting rooms and add scheduling posts yourself via: (Note: only parts of this website are available in English; a lot of it remains untranslated.) Choose “Lokalbokning” to book a room through the central booking system or “Schemabokning” to create an entire schedule post including course event (kurstillfälle) and information that the students need. Here, too, you can book classrooms and group rooms via the central booking system. NB: remember to indicate the course and program events (programtillfälle) that should be included in the booking! Students will see information connected to the course event they are registered on. Also remember to indicate “Sändning” (sending) under “Teaching activity” if you will be broadcasting the lecture/meeting. The distance broadcasting centre at the other location (Bryggan) needs to get a message about this, as well as know which rooms should be connected (if all rooms are not indicated in the booking).

Tip: Some rooms you can book yourself, without sending in a request. For a better overview, try refining your search. Choose the time you want and, for example, the building or room or type of room you are looking for. You will be provided with a list showing which rooms can be requested (prefaced by “Beställning av…”) and which you can book yourself.

A clarification: An “xx_lokal” is a virtual room that the central booking service will replace with “the real thing” – if available. In other words, an “xx_lokal” does not show the booking status of an actual room. It is possible to request a specific room, for example “xx-Azur-Vi2166K” but then it is only possible to be allocated that room, if it is available.

As before, it is possible to request rooms via the central booking system by using the “Order form for facilities”: . Make sure to fill in course codes, course events, etc. The form indicates which information is obligatory.

For more information on the booking of schedules and rooms at LNU, please see: (in Swedish)