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At the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, we actively work to build an international academic environment. On these pages we have gathered relevant information regarding internationalisation for staff employed by the faculty.


At the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, strategic funds for internationalisation have historically been allocated to each department every year. The allocation for these funds will change and in the future be available on a smaller scale for various projects. In 2021, a smaller sum of strategic internationalisation funds will be allocated to the faculty.

You have several possibilities to apply for exchange, project support or other funding for internationalisation. For more information, see the page on International Possibilities for Staff.

Management Support

The International Group is preparatory for the internationalisation work at the faculty. The group manage and initiate overall ongoing structures of internationalisation and disseminate information about various international opportunities.

Representatives of internationalisation at the departments

At each department there is usually a designated representative who pays special attention to internationalisation issues. Every year, the international group holds a half day on a selected topic with all of the representatives.