International Collaboration FKH

Linnaeus University and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities strive to have a national leading position in internationalisation and offer teachers, researchers and students rich opportunities for international experience.

The faculty wants all employees and students to be able to make lasting international contacts in order to maintain diversity and contribute to sustainable development. On these pages you will find more information about different paths for international collaborations, either through cooperation agreements or international projects.

International partners at the faculty and Linnaeus University

At the Faculty of Arts and Humanities we currently have approximately 125 active collaboration agreements in various subject areas through Erasmus + as well as bilateral collaboration agreements worldwide. In addition to these, Linnaeus University has approximately 158 university wide collaborations that we jointly take care of.

International partners at Linnaeus University and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
It is possible to sort the partner list by country or by subject area. It is also possible to select only one faculty or include several in the filtering. By default, the partner list shows the agreements we have at the faculty as well as university wide collaborations.


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