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Information for doctoral students

At the Faculty of arts and humanities we offer research training programmes in three different environments: one for the cultural sciences; one for literature; and one for linguistics. Here you find information for doctoral students affiliated with one of these environments.

During your studies

Research training programmes in Sweden equal four years of full-time study for a doctoral degree, and two years of full-time study for a licentiate degree. Teaching is delivered in the form of courses, seminars, and individual supervision. During your studies, you will encounter terms such as “individual study plan” and “doctoral backpack”. You will find information about this and more in the links below.

Licentiate seminar, public defence and applying for your degree

When it is time for your licentiate seminar or public defence, the Doctoral Supervisory Committee will prepare and endorse a notification containing suggestions for time and place, chair, opponent and members of the examining committee, including a substitute. Here you will find information about what you need to think about as regards your licentiate seminar or public defence, and how you apply for your degree.