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Autumn Term 2019

4 Sep
10–12 + 13–15, Dacke F3016V
Espen Aarseth and Ida Kathrine Hammeleff Jørgensen
"On gaming"
Jørgen Bruhn

11 Sep
10–12, Dacke F3016V
DISA-IMS get together. Discussions of possible cooperation.
Lars Elleström & Mikko Laitinen

18 Sep
10–12, Dacke F3016V

25 Sep
10–12, [reserved for other IMS meetings]

2 Oct
10–12, Dacke F3016V
Lea Wierød
Article draft

9 Oct
10–12, Dacke F3016V
Rong Ou
Project presentation

16 Oct
10–12, Dacke F3016V
Gilbert Ambrazaitis
"Children’s learning of language intonation"

23 Oct
10–12, Dacke F3016V

30 Oct
[reserved for other IMS meetings]

6 Nov
10–12, Dacke F3016V
Péter Makai
Article draft

13 Nov
10–12, Dacke F3016V
Emma Tornborg
Article draft

20 Nov
9–12, Dacke F3016V
"Transmediation of Truthfulness II"
Beate Schirrmacher & Jørgen Bruhn

27 Nov
[reserved for other IMS meetings]

4 Dec
10–12, Dacke F3016V
Lars Elleström
Article draft, “The Modalities of Media II”

11 Dec
10–12, Dacke F3016V
Discussions of research applications; welcome to submit!