The Department of Law

The Department of Law has the subject of Legal Science.

Legal Science is a broad subject that includes different areas of law and different approaches to how the law can be studied. Some Legal Science focuses on law as a method of conflict resolution in which issues such as the validity of contracts or disputes over property rights can be resolved through the interpretation of legal rules. Other parts of Legal Science focus on the consequences of legal rules for actors in society, for example how the balance between companies' economic rights and trade union organisations' rights affects the trade unions' ability to promote the interests of their members.

Management and management support

Management support
Stina Hultberg


Programme Coordinator

Legal Science Programme: Katarina Hyltén-Cavallius


Finance and Human resources

Financial manager
Dannijel Nygren Abrezol

Mostafa Mohammad

Financial administrators (invoices and receipts for expenses)
Marie Danielsson
Linda Persson

Travel administration
Niklas Johansson, Travel Coordinator

HR Partner
Karolina Österdahl


Education administration and Study guidance

Education administrator
Stina Hultberg

Study and career counsellors
Katarina Karlsson
Kim Robertsson

Course evaluations
Helen Hippach


ICT, Communication and Internationalisation

ICT support
Louise Johansson

Sara Olsson (KOM, student recruitment)
Maja Swenson, (KOM partner, external communication)
Anders Runesson, (KOM, research communication)
Ingela Bengtsson (website update)

Gunilla Broberg (coordinator)


Librarian and Maintenance porter

Contact librarian

Maintenance porter  (Kalmar) (Växjö)


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Offices: In Växjö we are located in building K and in Kalmar in house Radix.

Staff at the Department of Law