Internationalisation at the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences is actively working at making  internationalisation a natural and integrated part of the organisation.

Gunilla is the contact person for students who want to go on exchange studies. She provides general information to students about international opportunities at FSV, is the contact person for Linnaeus-Palme and Minor Field Studies. She coordinates the handling of the Learning Agreement and handles the credit transfer of studies abroad. 

International Office
The International Office at Linnaeus University works with the entire proces of incoming and outgoing student mobility. They handle students' applications for exchange studies, our various scholarship programs, handle the payment of scholarships and more. Feel free to contact them with questions concerning student mobility,

Ingela Åberg, contact person at External Relations
Ingela is FSV's contact person for internationalization issues at the Department of External Relations (ER). With a general knowledge of various processes, exchange programs and agreements, Ingela can give advice and when deeper knowledge is requested, Ingela can pass questions on to a suitable administrator at ER or another department within the university administration. 

More information about internationalization can be found here.

Information about internationalisation

In the below guide you receive a good overview over the internationalisation area at Lnu and FSV:

Guide for the internationalisation area (FSV)

Below you will find links to more detailed information about the different areas of internationalization.