Ett träd utan löv och under trädet är det gula blommor i gräset

Course FTK

At the faculty, there is a specific organization and set of procedures for how courses are developed. Courses are specified in a course plan, which serves as a legal contract for students enrolled in the course. In addition to the course plan, there are several other routines and guidelines within the faculty. On this page and its associated subpages, we have compiled the most common ones.

Here are some key aspects related to course development at the faculty:

Course Lifecycle Process

  • The faculty’s process description outlines the course lifecycle, from initial development to revision and eventual discontinuation. This document provides both guidance and procedures.
  • You can find detailed information about the course development process in the process description for courses at FTK.


Checklist for Course Planning and Implementation

  • To assist with planning and conducting courses, there is a checklist specifically designed for this purpose. Experienced instructors at FTK have contributed to its development. 

         You can access the checklist in  English:


Course Plan Cover Sheet

  • When creating or revising a course plan, it’s essential to gather input from relevant stakeholders. The cover sheet provided below is where feedback and approvals should be documented.
  • Course Plan Cover Sheet (New and Revised)forsattsblad-reviderad-kursplan.pdf