Examination schedule

Planning for exams can vary between different institutions, so ask your respective educational administrator for information on how it works at your institution. The educational administrator books the exam in the booking system. The exam then becomes visible on the following website: salstentamen.lnu.se/sv/schedule. The educational administrator also enters a post in TimeEdit that shows the date and time of the exam, and the venue is sent to the students via email from the exam unit. The students also see the exam on their student page in Ladok, where they also register for the exam.

After the exam date has been approved, it may be difficult to change it, especially if students have already registered. Anyone who wants to change an exam date after publication should contact the Course Coordinator and students in the relevant course to ensure that a change of exam date is okay with everyone involved.

Late admission applies primarily to registered students who are late. If the exam invigilator assesses that there is a free space for a specific exam, non-registered students may also be admitted after 45 minutes. These then become non-anonymous.

Examination at different location

The student can, in exceptional cases, apply for an examination in another location. The application should be made in writing directly to the course or Program Coordinator or via the following form for FTK: sunet.artologik.net/lnu/annan_ort/sv

The head of department decides whether the exam in another location will be approved. The same application deadlines apply for taking an exam in another location as for regular exam registration, except for resits in August and January, which are processed before the holidays, i.e. around June 20th and December 20th, respectively. The student should apply well in advance to have time to register for the regular exam in case the application is denied (14 days in advance is recommended).

An examination in another location must take place on the same date and within the same time frame as the current exam session. For example, the candidate must be present until the last entry is allowed at the regular location after 50 minutes. The start time can be a maximum of 2 hours earlier if required due to the opening hours of the location. The candidate can submit the exam no earlier than 50 minutes after the start time at the regular location.

After the decision is made, the course or Program Coordinator (or education administrator) arranges for the distribution of the exam to the approved exam location.