Course evaluations

This page describes how course evaluation at the Faculty of Technology works and what you, as course responsible teacher need to do.

A course evaulation must be done at the end of each course. If the evaluation is done in the form of a survey, the tool Survey&Report must be used. LNU has an automated course evaluation module in Survey&Report, see description below.  It is important that you as a teacher, adapt the questions of the survey to relevant questions for your course. 

The Faculty Education Board (Grundutbildningsnämnden, GUN) - is creating a framework for course evaluations. Each department is resposible for creating and upholding a routine for course evaluation.

Course evaluation in Survey&Report

  1. Your survey is created in Survey & Report, a couple of weeks before the end of the course. It contains a set of questions from the department.
  2. Own questions (voluntary) – When your course evaluation has been created, you will receive an email. Follow the instructions in the email if you would like to add or remove questions. If you do not want to add any questions you do not have to do anything – the survey will be created automatically.
  3. The course evaluation opens for the student on Wednesday during the last week of the course and stays open for 4 weeks. The student gets a notification with a personal link on the studentwebb plus an e-mail. A reminder is sent to students that have not replied (default after 21 days). You will get a copies of the e-mail, as a sign that everything is progressing correctly.
  4. Make sure to mention the course evaluation to the students to encourage them to answer the survey!
  5. Create an action plan and approve the report – When the course evaluation has been completed you will receive an email with a link to Survey&Report. Two versions of the report are created: one including the students free text answers and one without. The report without free-text answers contains four fields for writing your own comments and an action plan. When you approve the report it is archived. Archiving the report no longer requires any paperwork; the action plan is signed when you approve the report.
  6. Present the course evaluation report to the students of the current course and later, for the students on the coming course occasion.
  7. Archived reports are found on S:\gemensamt\Kursvärderingar. If you need to look at many reports, it is possible to request a summary from Birgitta or Emeli.

Other reports and surveys

The use of question templates makes it possible to create report on university and department level. It is also possible to use the software Survey&Report in your research or forms.