Re-registration, cancellation of course registration and approved leave of studies


If the student has not completed their course and wants to continue in a later semester, the student can be re-registered. Re-registration can take place if there is availability and in consultation with the Course Coordinator. Upon re-registration, the student will be automatically connected to Mymoodle.

Cancellation of course registration

The student can terminate participation on a course via If the student terminates participation within three weeks after the start of the course, no compensation is paid to the department (HST) for the student and they can apply for the education again at a later date. Early terminations are not included in the calculation of student performance, also used as base for distribution of faculty funds.

The university can decide to set an early termination of a course for individual students, if the student has proven to be inactive during the first 3 weeks course. Inactivity can be proven for example through mandatory assignments. It is important to give clear instructions to students that unregistering can occur if the assignment is not completed. The affected students must be notified immediately. The decision shall be withdrawn if it is contrary to the the understaning of the student. A termination later than 3 weeks into the course, is done via the administrator.

Approved leave of studies

Students who want to take a break from their program should fill out the form " Online application for approved leave from studies" which can be found at

See the process for how to proceed here:

Process description:

When a student applies for a leave of studies, they send the completed form to the Registrar at Linnaeus University. The Registrar registers the case and then forwards it to the person in charge of study breaks in the Student Affairs Office, who checks that the application is complete.

The responsible person in the Student Affairs Office then sends the application to the faculty for review. The review is sent directly to, in a regular email (no signature required).

The person in charge of study leaves in the Student Affairs Office enters the decision in Ladok upon approval and notifies the student of the decision. A copy of the decision is then sent to the contact person at the relevant department.

This process should take a maximum of three weeks, and the person in charge of study leaves keeps track of the timeframe.

You can find the regulatory document on interruptions and study breaks, etc. in the document here: