Timetables and room reservations

The timetables and room reservation are handled in the system TimeEdit. Please contact the faculty's/institution's TimeEdit administrator (room booker) if you need help entering your schedule. Note that the procedures for submitting schedules may vary between Växjö/Kalmar or between different buildings.

You can book conference rooms yourself via the TimeEdit website, as you then have authorization to cancel the booked room. For bookings made by the faculty's/institution's administrator, you have authorization to change/add teaching type, person, location, exam code, booking comment displayed on the schedule, as well as to cancel a booked room and replace it with Zoom.

TimeEdit can be found on the external web lnu.se/en/education/Before-your-studies, directly on https://www.timeedit.net/web/index.htm
or on Medarbetare in the top right corner:            book room.jpg

Lecture rooms (timetables) are most often ordered via the TimeEdit-administrator for your department/building but can also be ordered via the central support and service department at the university. If you would like to order for example 16*2-hour lectures, a normal e-mail to your administrator is enough. For more complex timetables, the following form should be used: S:\ftk\kansli\utbildningsadministration\Lokalbokning\Schemamallar

The form to order rooms from the central booking can be found here; lnu.se/globalassets/dokument---gemensamma/lokal--och-serviceavdelningen/lokalbestallningsblankett.pdf

Make sure that you fill in all the necessary information to avoid misunderstandings (f.ex. number of students, course codes, parallel courses). The TimeEdit-timetable is shown to the registered students on their personal timetable on the studentweb. The start of a course- and program is also displayed on the external website on the page for the program or course.

The faculty owned rooms can be booked directly, while the university’s common rooms have to be ordered via TimeEdit by your administrator and confirmed by the central booking. An order of a central room, is shown in italic, before it has been confirmed.

The first post is an order waiting for confirmation. The second post is a confirmed reservation.time edit.jpg

For more information regarding your specific institution, please contact your room booker/schedule booker. Late submissions and orders entered after the allocation has been completed will have lower priority. After the scheduling is completed and all rooms have been allocated, available rooms are released for booking, called "Availability Booking". This means that after a certain date, the room booker can also book public spaces if they are available at the desired time.

According to our local rules the timetable must be available in full to the student, latest one month before the start of the course. Mandatory presence must be noted in the timetable.

Cancellation of central rooms must be done in good time, at least 5 days in advance. The department has to pay for the room reservation, if it is cancelled less than 5 days before it occurs. The faculty’s rooms can be cancelled until the last moment when it comes to cost but please respect the 5-day deadline so that the student can trust their timetable and also so that the room can used by others.

The open timetable is available here cloud.timeedit.net/lnu/web/schema2/. You can search for timetable by course, program, student group, room etc. To search for a person’s timetable, you need to login. To create a direct link to the searched timetable, click on LINK TO THIS PAGE in the lower right corner. Many students use the SUBSCRIBE-button to get updates to their personal schedule directly in the phone calendar.