MyMoodle - activities and functions


Using Zoom i MyMoodle.
Add a Zoom Meeting to the course room and to join a Zoom Meeting i Mymmodle.

Forums are organised and structured in different ways. You can add peer assessment for every post. The posts can be shown in different styles and formats, and they can contain attachments. You can also decide in what way students can subscribe to the forum.

There are five different types of forum, here is a description of two of them:

Standard forum for general use
The teacher starts by creating a new post which students then answer. Only when the student has sent his/her reply will he/she be able to see the other students’ submissions.

A single and simple discussion
This puts one single topic on each page. This is useful for short and focused discussions. Students may start ONE thread each which everyone will then be able to answer.


LnuPlay Media Assignment

The Media Assignment is very similar to a regular assignment. The only difference is that students upload and submit assignments as videos or sound recordings.



You can create exercises or tests for your students. A quiz is self-correcting which means that you have to specify one or more alternative answers for each question you create.
There is a variety of question types. There are many settings to choose from so that you can create the test as you wish.

Some setting examples:

  • The duration for which the students may take the quiz.
  • The number of correct answers required to pass the quiz.
  • Whether students are allowed to attempt the quiz again or not.
  • Will the order in which the questions are presented be random.
  • Will the order in which the alternative answers are presented be random.
  • Will the correct answers be presented following upon submission.


Group Choice

The “Group Choice” function allows your students to choose for themselves which group they would like to join. For example, if students are to register at a specific time, place or day of presentation.
The number of participants in each group is for you to decide. For example, a maximum of three students in each group.
When you create a new group or groups, you have to name it or them, and gather them into a grouping. You can also create groups automatically – this is a brilliant function!



In a wiki, you and your students can create your own learning material, or work together on a document.
The wikis are organised in pages which you can edit and comment.
You can see what has been done by whom through the history function.
The wikis are mainly shaped by students.


LnuPlay Media Service

LnuPlay is Linnaeus University’s media service, a web-based service for the production, storage and distribution of films and video clips.

As a teacher you can:

  • upload existing videos for distribution. LnuPlay supports most formats used for digital videos and is capable of converting videos to a format that suits the user.
  • produce videos in MyMoodle; you can record yourself with your webcam – anything from a welcome clip to a weekly newsletter in video format.
  • make screen recordings of lectures, demonstrate how to use a certain piece of software, give comments to various tasks etc.
  • reuse videos from other courses and contexts.