Mymoodle - Tips and advice

Tips and advice for starting and administering a course

Open online course for students

  1. Click Edit Settings on your online course.
  2. The setting for visibility is found on the upper side of the site.
  3. Click Show.
  4. Scroll down and click Save changes.

Your course room is connected to Ladok. To see the connections go to:
User->Enrolment methods->Ladok enrolments.


  • To hide or show activities for participants of the course, enable editing and click on the eye-symbol. Hidden activities or sections are greyed out.
  • To change the name of a section, enable editing then click on the pensil-symbol just to the right of the title. Write the new name and press enter.
  • To add a new section, or remove an old one, enable editing then click on plus/minus below the lowest section.
  • To move a section, enable editing and drag the double arrows to desired place.
  • Good and adequate quality of uploaded pictures should not be broader than 400 pixels.


Use your ICT-advisor for help or support

If you require assistance with course setup, pondering over a function, or would like to improve your online course, do not hesitate to
contact any of your ICT-advisors:
Birgitta Gillsjö, Brian Kottonya, Nina Albrecht Pia Palm or Micael Carlsson.


Helpful buttons in page footer

"Hjälp" - Mymoodle
”IT-support” – IT-support for students

“LnuPlay” – How to use and manage videos in MyMoodle
“Zoom login” – Login to Zoom

“Moodle Docs for this website” – Manual (in English) about present site


External account

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