Incident Response Team - IRT

IT security issues at Linnaeus University are handled by the IRT, where staff and students can get advice on specific issues regarding IT security.

The IRT is a multi-disciplinary team of IT technicians specialising in systems, networks, computer forensics and support, in close collaboration with other IT staff.

Among other things, the IRT is responsible for:

  • Processing internal and external cases concerning IT security
  • Providing recommendations to staff and students regarding IT security
  • Investigating reported IT security issues
  • Handle all their cases under secrecy.

IRT's ongoing activities:

  • Password policy
  • Antivirus environment
  • Review the University's liability obligations

Contact details

If you require advice or would like to report a specific IT security issue, you are welcome to send an e-mail to IRT via If you wish, you can report an issue anonymously.