Office of External Relations

The unit’s mission is to “promote the development of a mutually rewarding relationship between Linnaeus University and the surrounding world”.

The office of external relations is a unit within the university’s central administration that gathers competence and skills within innovation, collaboration, internationalisation, and external funding.

Faculty teams

Our faculty teams – consisting of one person from each of the following areas of competence: external funding/innovation, internationalisation, and collaboration – support the faculties in their work within these areas.

FEH: Mikael Härlin, Camilla Lundqvist, David Stigson

FHL: Emma Hermansson, Kjärstin Hagman Boström, Kristina Julin NyqivstLena Kulmala

FKH: Joakim Stoltz, Charlotte Skoglund, Torbjörn Håkansson

FSV: Mikael Härlin, Elin Lindkvist, Ingela Åberg

FTK: Anna Wingkvist, Linus Karlsson, Jan Novak, Emma Hermansson

NLU: Joakim Stoltz, Stefan Lindkvist, Emma Hermansson

External funding and innovation/Grants and Innovation Office (GIO)

  • Provides advice on what forms of external funding is available for different types of research or innovation projects.
  • Supports the preparation of applications for external funding, especially for complex projects.
  • Supports researchers in identifying and strengthening utility aspects of their research.

Internationalisation/International relations (IR)

  • Coordinates, administrates, and carries out quality assurance of university common international collaboration agreements and funding programmes relating to education and research.
  • Counselling role for the senior management, faculties and the central administration concerning issues relating to internationalisation.
  • Works to implement the university’s internationalisation policy.
    Here you can read more about international collaboration at the university


  • Offers organisations, the public sector, and the industry an easy way to get in contact with Linnaeus University.
  • Provides internal support regarding questions relating to collaboration.
  • Develops contacts for various forms of collaboration between the industry/society and the university’s students and researchers.
  • Offers support to faculties regarding contract education.

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